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Regulatory Affairs/Medical Writing

intellim provides effective resolution to solve
various issues related to regulatory affairs

Medical-related regulatory affairs, Survey and Consulting Services

Our experienced regulatory experts support you regulatory affairs fro pharmaceuticals, medical devices and any other medical-related matters, survey and consulting from each phase of research to development and submission.

Our Services

Regulatory related services:

Our experienced expert support you various regulatory related matters. They understand exactly technical and market information through Database search, literature search, and hearing from external professionals.

  • Development Strategy and Regulatory Strategy Planning
  • NDA Planning and consulting on clinical trials
  • Consulting on New products development, licensing in and licensing out
  • Setting up product concept and consulting to structure alliance
  • Consulting for various matters related to generic products
Survey and others

intellim support you to conduct surveys to clinical practicians and end-users, literature search and others.

  • Hearing from clinical practicians and researchers, survey for technology trend, literature search and market research
  • Development of technology roadmap, patent map, and end-users survey

intellim’s unique Regulatory support services

intellim’s unique Regulatory support services

Our Experiences

  • Consulting to respond to Regulatory Authorities and Consulting for clinical trial
  • EU Regulation verification and Orphan drug related survey
  • Feasibility study on Korean Quasi-drug
  • US regulation for sales of Cosmetics
  • And others. Please feel free to contact us.

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