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Accelerating Global Drug Development

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Global Development

Borderless Asia, Global Solutions.
Borderless Asia,
Global Solutions.

Our global network will lead your Asian study to success.
intellim is looking toward to be “One-Stop Service Provider” to support clinical development in a central focus on Japan. intellim supports many pharmaceutical companies who are considering to conduct Asian studies, and also, we are putting a lot of effort into supporting Bio Venture companies.

intellim, an Ideal Partner in Japan
A Full Customization to Meet Customer's Needs.

Providing Full-Service Consultations
One-Stop Service in Japan
Experienced in Country Mixed and Global trials
Multi-Lingual Contacts

Providing Full-Service Consultations

Extensive and experienced in trials in Japan and Asia supporting global partners and clienets.

One-Stop Service in Japan

We provide medical writing, regulatory consultation and other essential services for domestic and international development of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and regenerative medicine products.

intellim can also support “First in Human” outside of Japan.

Experienced in Country Mixed and Global trials

Especially strong in the country mixed global trials for East and Sounth East Asia.
Experienced both trials from EU and US based clients.

Multi-Lingual Contacts

Our contact personnel are multilingual and both fluent in English and Japanese to ensure the communications for global requests.
They are familiar with regulatory and circumstances of drug development in Asia and other countries will support you the best proposal for you.
intellim has bilingual (etc. Japanese / English / Korean / Chinese) staff members to help you.

See Our PM's summary of career.

Our Services, For Japanese

As Japanese CRO, intellim can understand Japanese clients' thought. For this reason, intellim can provide One-Stop Service with high quality and speed for you, which cannot be provided by major Global CRO.

Our Relationship

Dr. Nagahiro Saijo who is our special advisor (also special advisor of Japanese Society of Medical Oncology) will support your drug development with his broad KOL Network. He has very good communication with KOLs not only in Asia, but also in US/Europe.

intellim's Global Network and its advantage

Global Network and its advantage

intellim provides full-scope support for regulatory affairs and various other drug development activities in Asian countries. We also propose development strategy on demand using our Global Network and experienced resources.

See our service coverage in Asia.

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