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Accelerating Global Drug Development

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Global Development

Our Global Network will lead
your Asian study to Success

Clinical Development Support Services in Asian Region

In 2011, intellim decided to focus on Oncology and Global to differentiate our services from the other Japanese CRO and respond to our clients’ expectation. intellim established Taiwan Office in Taipei in May, 2012. It is the first Taiwan office established by Japanese CRO.

In September, 2012, intellim also established intellim Korea Corporation in Seoul. It is 100% owned by intellim. At the same time, intellim agreed with QPS Holdings LLC to have the strategic partnership, and established iQ Pharma Services Corporation which is JVC with QPS Holdings LLC.

intellim is looking toward to be “One-Stop Service Provider” to support clinical development in a central focus on Japan. intellim supports many pharmaceutical companies who are considering to conduct Asian studies, and also, we are putting a lot of effort into supporting Bio Venture companies.

Clinical Development Support Services in Asian Region

intellim's Global Network and its advantage

intellim's Global Network and its advantage

Our Experiences

intellim has experiences to conduct Japan part of Global study. Most of our CRAs have experiences to be involved in Global studies.

Our Relationship

Dr. Nagahiro Saijo who is our special advisor (also special advisor of Japanese Society of Medical Oncology) will support your drug development with his broad KOL Network. He has very good communication with KOLs not only in Asia, but also in US/Europe.

Our Network

intellim can provide broad services with QPS Holdings.
(※QPS Taiwan and QPS-Qualitix are the biggest CRO/SMO in Taiwan.)
intellim can also propose development strategy on demand using our Global Network and experienced resources.
Our services include pre-clinical, regulatory strategic consulting and monitoring, intellim can also support “First in Human” outside of Japan.

Our Team Expertise

Our staff members who are familiar with regulatory and circumstances of drug development in Asia will support you the best proposal for you.
intellim has bilingual (Japanese / English / Korean / Chinese) staff members to help you.
>>PM's summary of career
A Korean staff who holds PhD in Statistics is working in Tokyo office.

Our Services, For Japanese

As Japanese CRO, intellim can understand Japanese clients' thought. For this reason, intellim can provide One-Stop Service with high quality and speed for you, which cannot be provided by major Global CRO.

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About intellim Korea Corporation

  • intellim established Korean subsidiary for Japanese clients who would like to conduct Asian studies/drug developments in Korea.
  • In intellim Korea, General manager who is experienced in drug development in Korea, Project Manager, CRAs and QA officer. Regarding DM/Stats, our Japan team will be in charged.
  • intellim would like to provide services with Japan quality in Korea, for this commitment, intellim established QA at the first phase of Korean subsidiary. Our QA will be in charged of not only audit, but also document control and staff training.
  • >>intellim Korea's GM's Summary of Career
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