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Quality Assurance

The Evaluation and Verification done
by our independent QA Team
will improve quality of your clinical trial

[GCP Audit] -Our QA evaluates and verifies your clinical trial as independent entity-

Our Quality Assurance Team (GCP Auditors) is established independently, which is separately from clinical development division which is involved in monitoring and quality control.

GCP Audit shall be done independently from Auditee division to evaluate whether or not the relevant clinical trial is done as per GCP, Protocol and SOP as a part of QA activities. It improves the integrity of clinical trials.

Our Services

  • On-site Audit
  • Audit related to clinical trial on medical devices
  • Audit on investigator initiated clinical trial
  • Audit on Data Management, Statistical Analysis, CSR and others
  • Vendor Audit
  • Consulting

For more information

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