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Education and Training教育研修に関するお問い合わせはこちら


Oncology Specific Training

Induction and Continuing Training Program

intellim provides our unique education and training program for your clinical operation staff members (CRAs, CRA support, CRC and others) to educate them. It supports Clinical development division of pharmaceutical companies, CRO and SMO.


Pharmaceutical companies, CRO and SMO which want to implement our training program for employees


Experienced personnel who were involved in clinical developments at pharmaceutical companies, our experienced CRAs who are involved in clinical development currently are lecturers for this training program. They conduct each training session practically with their experiences.

Contents of Training

Our Training program provides not only the system to get knowledge, but also role-play, which can be helpful to have experiences how to communicate with Clinical Trial staff members including PI and CRC.

  • General knowledge related to clinical trials
  • Development flow of Pharmaceuticals
  • GCP and related regulation (including test and sequential explanation)
  • Summary of clinical trials
  • Medical / Pharmaceutical knowledge
  • Protocol, ICF and CRF
  • Documentation of various reports
  • Practice of monitoring (Role-Play)
  • Preparation of presentation for investigators and its practice
  • Information security, Business manner as CRA and others
Features(intellim's advantage)

1. Our lecture will be done with our unique training materials prepared based on our experiences in clinical trial.
2. Our lecturers are experienced personnel in clinical developments at pharmaceutical companies and CRAs who is involved in clinical trials.
3. Some lectures will be done practically by ex-officers who worked at clinical trial office and IRB office at medical institution and CRC.

For more information

If you have any comments, questions, please contact us.

If you have any comments, questions, please contact us.