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Advantages from working for intellim:

  • Various benefits for the employee will be provided.
  • You will be able to leverage your past experiences and knowledge for the new company.
  • intellim will appraise the employee' s individual motivation and effort, support their success. The company provides good environments for work, appropriate compensation package and opportunity for their improvement, it means the company will provide meaningful and challenging life and meaningful job to their employees.
  • 100% of women who gave birth returned to work.
  • intellim will provide designated holidays by the company (up to 7 days a year) and flexible hours for their employees. The employee can have a good work-life balance. "Designated holiday" does not include national holiday and paid vacation.


Business hours: 9:00-18:00 (Lunch break 60 minutes),
Japan:Flexible hours is implemented
Korea:Flexible hours is implemented
Non-working day and vacation: Five-day week system, National holiday, Paid vacation, congratulation or condolence leave, maternity leave, designated vacation by the company
Benefit: Social insurance, Annual Health check, Retirement benefit, Various training support and transportation fee
Pay raise: Once a year (May)
Retirement Age: 65 years old

Opening Positions:

intellim is now seeking for experienced personnel for the following opening positions:
Position Location
Project Manager (PM) Japan
Project Leader (PL) Japan / Malaysia
Line Manager (LM) Malaysia
CRA Japan
PVG Japan
ICC (In-Country Care Taker) Japan
Synthesis researcher Japan
Business Development (Global) Japan
GCP Training Manager Japan
Regulatory Affairs Japan
Pharmacovigilance Japan

Basic Requirements:

PC Skills Word, Excel, Power point Preferential Experiences Clinical research experience at both pharmaceutical company and CRO, foreign-based company experience.
  • Person who would like to be involved in Global/Asian studies should have TOEIC 800 or higher score
  • Person who would like to work in Korea should have Korean Nationality or eligible VISA.
Please contact us for requirement for each position and details from Inquiry Form.