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News & Events

intellim Launches “Online training programs” and “e-learning materials” services

Tokyo, Japan, April 2020 - intellim Corporation is excited to announce its launch of “Online training programs” and “e-learning materials” services.

Following the Japanese government’s declaration of “a nationwide state of emergency” on April 17, intellim understood that many working in the lifesciences industry have been forced into restricted activity such as teleworking, to prevent contraction of COVID-19.

Prior to the COVID-19 situation, we provided in person training programs highly regarded by our clients. We had a significant number of requests from our clients to develop our training programs in an online platform allowing them to participate in training even under the current work-at-home situation. Therefore, we decided to launch this online training service in response to our client’s requests.

Program contents are below:

Training contents:
  • Oncology (Basic, Cancer types, Molecular target drug and MSL-related training)
  • Regenerative medicine (Basic, Laws, Non-clinical trials and Quality)
  • GCP training

Also, the above training programs will be helpful for you to obtain a deeper understanding about hot topics relating to both fields of the oncology and regenerative medicine such as “Cancer immunotherapy (CAR-T)” and “Oncolytic virus”.

In order to further deliver our one-of-a-kind knowledge and know-how to our clients, we will continue to expand our online training programs and e-learning materials.
Please find further details about our training service in the URL below.

Online training programs and e-learning materials services

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