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Accelerating Global Drug Development

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Message from CEO

— Dedicated to Your Success —
Leading Clinical Development Worldweide.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

intellim Corporation was founded in August 2005. we have always pursued the commitment that values hard work, fosters personal growth, promotes diversity, improves working environment, and recognizes the importance of balance between work and life. These factors directly link to the strong bond between our employees and our company, creating a corporate culture that foster a sense of unity where everyone can grow side by side.

As a trusted drug development partner, we provide total-solution to clinical development ranging from R&D to the various stages of clinical trial. Thanks to highly dedicated people at intellim, we are very proud of our accomplishment as the fastest-growing independent CRO in the country.
Many pharmaceutical companies outsource their R&D, its ratio is increasing year by year. In addition, their needs to outsourcing services are diversified. We believe that capability for drug development in Japan is the best in the world, however, there has not been yet Japan-originated Global CRO which can support new drug developments globally.
Our mission is the creation of new value, uncompromising in principle and philosophy, those will lead to continue to contribute for social development. In order to conduct a global study efficiently and speedily, it is necessary to foster various values to stay abreast of movements on the world stage in the big picture with understanding of international culture. It is not only language skill issue. It is necessity to have the communication skills to lead the clients to "Success" and development of human resources who can propose for the clients appropriately with good judgment.

We commit to accelerate the clients’ global studies with our global network including intellim Korea Corporation and iQ Pharma Services Corporation.

We are expanding our services to be “Your Best Clinical Development Partner in Asia from Japan”.

We are very grateful for your support and encouragement in the years to come.

代表取締役CEO 浮田哲州

Diversity & Inclusion

intellim respects DIVERSITY, and comes beyond gender, nationality, age, religious and disability. We go ahead on building the creative organization.

intellim believes the diversity strategy which can make use of various human resources is necessary for the fast growth organization. We also believe that the combination of various values, concepts and capabilities will induce energy for successful business. We don't regard gender, nationality, age and religious and disability, and respect diversity of each employee. We are committed to provide the environment to contribute our clients' and our success.

Diversity & Inclusion